Frequently Asked Question - FAQ about all Gateways / Markersets

FAQ about all Gateways / Markersets

Generic Gateways/Markerset

Questions related to all gateways.

1 - Why I do not see all my custom fields into the listbox?

When you are setting up the pattern or some features like the title of the bubble, you can select your custom fields. By default in this list you will only see the basic fields of type text, numeric, textarea, ... (depending the gateway).

In Geocode Factory, you will find a setting that will list all field types. This is disable by default, because several field type (also custom developed field types) will be unsupported by our component. Then enabling this option is at your own risks. To enable this feature, please follow the instructions:

  • Go to Geocode Factory backend's control panel
  • Select the 'Component configuration' quick link
  • On the 'Geocode Factory component settings' go to the 'General' tab
  • Simply enable the 'Use all fields' option and save
  • Now you can reopen the markerset or pattern setting to see all the listed fields

2 - It is possible to translate the Markerset names (in sidelists for example)?

Yes, this is possible, you can use language constants to name the markersets. Please read the following instructions:

  • Go your Joomla! backend console
  • Browse to 'Extensions > Language manager'
  • On the Left, select 'Overrides'
  • Click 'New'
  • Enter a unique name for the constant like CUST_GF5_MS_NAME_HOTELS_POOL, and the needed text 'Hotels with pool'
  • Select the correct language (here English), save.
  • Do the same for another language like french, with the SAME constant name, but different text (translated text) 'Hotels avec piscine'
  • Now in Geocode Factory rename your markerset with the constant name 'CUST_GF5_MS_NAME_HOTELS_POOL', save
  • In frontent the markerset name (in sidelist, checkboxes, ...) will be translate depending the current Joomla language.