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FAQ About markers


Markers, icons, ...

1 - How to set custom icons for the clustering?

First you need to create a list of icons (squares), as png format, named 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, ..., and place them into a folder (a subfolder of /image is a good idea), and place also a index.html in this folder (for security reasons).

Edit your map, under the clustering tab, under the 'Image path', enter the complete path to the images like, and in 'Image size', enter a comma separated list of images size (32,16,16)

2 - I have multiple markers at same place...

In several cases markers have exactely the same position, for example doctors that are in a hospital will all have the same street/number, and then the same coordinates, this should result all markers on same place, and only one is clickable.

To prevent this we can provide 2 solutions:

  • Accuracy: in Geocode Factory backend, edit your markerset, you will find a setting named 'Accuracy', by default is set to 'excat', you can reduct this value. The result on frontend is that the markers will be randomly placed (from 10m to 500m depending the value you selected) around the real coordinate. The all the markers with the same coordinates will be visible near the real point.
  • Multibubble: This feature allows you to have all bubble displayed in one unique bubble. Each marker's bubble is separated, and a title is provided: there is n markers here. Edit the map, enable the clustering, and set the map max zoom at same value like the clustering max zoom. Then if at maximum zoom a cluster subsist (more that 1 marker at this place), the multibubble is displayed, for all other unique markers, the unique bubble is shown. See the advanced guide for more informations.