Frequently Asked Question - Questions about Geocode Factory 5

Questions about Geocode Factory 5

General inquiries

Question about the Geocode Factory 5 concept.

1 - Why Geocode Factory 5 work with plugins?

The Geocode Factory component contains the core application and can only manage the maps. When you want to display contents (markers) on your map, you need to read the component (s) where the data are stored (typically Community Builder for profile, Sobipro for entries, ...). To connect Geocode Factory with third party components, you need to install gateways. Gateways are Joomla plugins.

By default, Geocode Factory 5 is delivered with the Joomla content plugins that allows you to geocode Joomla core articles.

2 - Do I create each marker for my maps??

No. Geocode Factory work with a concept of markersets. A markerset contains all 'rules' to display markers based on a component. Additionally for the same component you can have meakersets based on different criteria (based on categories, custom fields values, ...).

Each makerset have its own settings, including the icon, the bubble content, ... That mean on the same map we can have 2 markerset based on Community Builder, based on members gender, with a different icon for each.

The markersets are also used in frontend to enable or disable the related markers. This selection can be displayed as toggle checkboxes, listboxes, ...

Functionalities of Geocode Factory

What can Geocode Factory do !

1 - Does Geocode Factory support KML layer?

Yes Geocode Factory support KML / geoRss feeds files in addition on regular content (markers) on our maps. Note: Google limit the size of the kml files. You should find more info on Google limitations here:

Community Builder with Geocode Factory

Questions about the Community Builder Gateway plugin

1 - Is the Community Builder Gateway plugin for Geocode Factory 5 compatible with Community Builder 2.x ?

Yes! All Community Builder related plugin included into this package are compatible with CB2.

The Community Builder package provided for Gecode Factory 5 contains:

  • plg_geofactory_gw_cb19: this is the Gateway plugin (Joomla! installer), this version is compatible with both CB 1.x and 2.x
  • plg_geofactory_profile_cb19: this is the profile plugin (CB plugin installer), this version is compatible with CB 1.x only
  • plg_geofactory_profile_cb20: this is the profile plugin (CB plugin installer), this version is compatible with CB 2.x only

2 - I do not want my user need to enter their full address or coordinate, it's possible?

The Community Builder gateway plugin for Geocode Factory contains a special plugin. This plugin is displayed into the user's profile, and also in account creation form.

Into this form, the user can input an address like the zip postal code (or street+number if more accuracy is needed), into a special search box. This input box work in autocomplete mode (like in google maps). When the user have selected an address in the proposed addresses list, the street/city/zip ... is automatically copied into the profile (CB fields).

Additionally a map is displayed (you can hide it through CSS style), and on this map the user can fine tune its position. Of course the address is updated dynamically.

There is some additional features:

  • The users address is automatically geocoded (coordinates and address) when the registration form is loaded
  • Is also possible to silent geocode the users position based on the entered address
  • Is possible to have up to 3 different address for each user.

3 - I want to integrate a radius search field into my Community Builder search form.

This is not possible because Community Builder does not allow to integrate plugins in the search process. There is 2 workaround solutions:

  • setting up a complete Community Builder regular search form, and display a Geocode Factory map on the same page (into a module position). The map is populated with the search results. Now the user can use the Gecode Factory map radius search feature to have the radius result in a second search step. In this case, do not use the CB list of results, but the Geocode Factory customisable sidelist feature to display the resutls
  • setting up a map with multiple markerset based on the search criteria (if you do not have too many), like [ ] Drum, [ ] Bass, [ ] Electric guitars, .... as check boxes and the radius search form.