Frequently Asked Question - FAQ about the bubble

FAQ about the bubble

Bubble design

Template, placeholder and general design issues in bubbles.

1 - My images are dot displayed, only the path is drawn?

When you are using the {image} (or other images paceholders) you need to place it into a image item, typically <img src="/{image}">.

2 - How to display somthing better than a 0/1 by using a boolean placeholder

Sometimes we are using boolean values (typicaly checkboxes, ...) in profiles or directories. Which means if it's set it stores 1 or not set stores 0. When we try to display the field in the Markerset Manager sidelist or bubble template eg {field_wifi_available}, it will display the value which is 1 or 0. But, what we want to display is if the field is set, and then display the text "Wifi is available".

Solution 1: markersets

You can create 2 markersets. Both with a filter 'field_wifi_available=1' (=0 for the second), and in the template for each add the exact text you want 'Wifi avaialble or Wifi not avaialble'. You can also use a different marker icon for each.

Solution 2: css

You can solve this with some CSS. In the template add somethink like <div class="wifi_{field_wifi_available}">Wifi available</div>. This should generated 2 class .wifi_0 and .wifi_1, so in the CSS add .wifi_0 { display:none;}.

Solution 3: images

In several case the value can be replaced by an image. Simply add this in the bubble template: <img src="/images/yourimages/icon_wifi_{field_wifi_available}.pgp">. You simply need to create 2 images icon_wifi_1.png and icon_wifi_0.png.

3 - My bubble is no more loading or loading like this image?

The bubbles are empty because there has been a change in the google API (used for displaying google maps). The problem occurs when you have not set a bubble width into your Markerset(s). You have 2 solutions to fix this issue:

  • Open each markerset and in the 'Markerset Settings' tab, locate the 'Bubble width' setting and enter a value, like 200.
  • The other solution, is to download the latest version of Geocode Factory here (free) core where a default value has been set dy default