Frequently Asked Question - FAQ about the Community Builder Gateway

FAQ about the Community Builder Gateway

Gateway Community Builder

Questions related to the gateway and the markerset's related tab.

1 - Some of my custom fields does not appears in the filter generator, or in the title selector. Why?

Geocode Factory 5 use, as default, only text fields from Community Builder. Other field types stores value in different way. For some usage this should work, and for some other not. Then if you will use all fields, it's possible. 

On the Geocode Factory control panel, click the Component configuration option, and on the first tab 'General', on the second option 'Use all fields', select Yes. Now all CB fields are appearing, but, selecting some can create issues.

2 - How to use CB checkboxes fields as filters in my markersets?

As example, if I have a multi select checkbox field named 'Branches', that contains option like Design, Webmaster, Hosting, Photographs, ... How to display a markerset containing webmasters only.

Firstly this kind of field is not shown in the fields selector's list (until you enable the 'Show all fields' option in component configuration as explained in the FAQ #1), because is not a simple text field. You can also find the field name in your CB fields manager, and use it in the filter (even if it is not listed into).

With this kind of fields you cannot just use a filter like :

(`cb_branch` = 'design')

Because, in the databse for this kind of field the values are stored by CB like: design|*|editor|*|photograph.

Then the solution in this case is to use the LOCATE operator in your filter:

( LOCATE ('design', `cb_usertype`)>0) )

Note: Using the LIKE operator should also possible (`cb_usertype` LIKE '%design%'), but, in some cases with CB (yes, only with CB dont ask me why, .... I presume is from the * seprarator), this do not work fine.

Profile plugin

Question related to the maps in the user's profile .

1 - When I try to install this plugin, Joomla! give me a XML related error message. Why?

This issue is due because you try to install a CB plugin through Joomla. A CB plugin can only be installed trought the CB plugin manager. See the Gateway documentation for more information.