Frequently Asked Question - Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 geocoding

Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 geocoding

1 The batch geocode feature have suddenly stopped to work.

This is probably due because you have send too many geocode request in a certain time. Google allow 2500 geocode per 24h per IP, and is not advised to send too many request per second.

On some shared hosting (like ovh), the same ip is used for many site, and your quota is used by another site on the server.

Using an API key, will not help, because Google API key is only for displaying maps.

2 How to geocode the user with a low acurracy (for privacy reason)?

The Geocode itself is always done with the bigger accuracy as possible. Geocode Factory always uses theses coordinates. But there is 2 solution to reduce this accuracy:

  • Set only the country, city, and zip code informations into the assignements parameters and live empty the address field. In this case the user position is only positioned on the city, and not on the street.
  • Set a lower accuracy option in the markerset, then the markers will be placed randomly near the real point, to preserve the user privacy.