Frequently Asked Question - Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 with profiles markers

Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 with profiles markers

Frequently asked questions about Geocode Factory 3 used with profiles components like Community Builder or Joomsocial.

1 How to use multiple addresses per profile?


"Some of my profiles are professionals and have multiples addresses (multiples stores, offices, ...), how can I show all addresses of each profile on the same map."


This is possible. In Geocode Factory there is one global option for the fields used as coordinates fields (basic configuration):

  • Geocode Factory component's control panel
  • Link component* fields (*CB, JS, Sobi2, Mosets tree, ...)
  • You can select what fields are used as coordinate field (field_latitude, f_lat, internal, ...)

This information is always used to batch Geocode the entries with Geocode Factory. We can imagine that you have set more coordinates fields in the used component like: field_latitude_main_office, field_latitude_secondary_office... and such.

Now you want to show a map with ALL addresses of each profile:


  • In the Geocode Factoy control panel select the main coordinates field (field_latitude_main_office and field_longitude_main_office) in the field linker
  • Create a main markerset named "Main addresses"
  • Select your options (icons, template, etc...)
  • In the first tab, under "Special latitude field" select "Use Geocode Factory default"
  • Save
  • Create a main markerset named "Secondary addresses"
  • Select your options (icons, template, etc...)
  • In the first tab, under "Special latitude field" select the field to use to place the markers of this markerset on the map (field_latitude_secondary_office and field_longitude_secondary_office)
  • Save.

Now on the map, the 2 markerset are show together and one profile is displayed one time with the main coordinates ("Main addresses" markerset) and one time with the second ("Secondary addresses" markerset).

Note 1 : You can have an unlimited number of pairs of coordinates and create a unlimited number of markersets based on this.

Note 2 : You are responsible to fetch the coordinates in each profile in frontend (in Sobi2 you can do this by script for example). Or periodical change the fields link in Geocode Factory an do a batch geocode.

What is the multiple addresses per profile feature ?

It's possible to use multiple addresses per unique user's profile. This is helpful when you want to display :

  • where the user lives, and works,
  • a main and secondary address for a same profile,
  • a office address and the associate training place,
  • any case where you need multiple addresses for the same profile...

Note : You can use up to 3 different addresses.

What you need ?

All you need is included in the Geocode Factory package (unzip the downloaded file).

  • Install the Geocode Factory component, at least version 2.7.2
  • Install the Geocode Factory profile plugin v3 (for Community Builder or Jomsocial)
  • Configuring the Geocode Factory profile plugin v3 for multiple addresses


Once all this is done please create {_gf}a Geocode Factory map :

  • Create the map with any options you desire. You can use any controls, any map type, etc ...
  • In the map manager, under 'Layout' tab, under 'Duplicate markers' select Display all
  • In the map manager, under 'Display options' tab, under 'Show line between my address' select Yes, if you want to draw a line between your addresses
  • Create a markerset for the current profile component (CB or JS) with all the options you want (marker icon, bubble, ...)
  • It's not necessary but we advise loading ALL markers (no filters), and load all addresses per profile (each addresse is managed as unique marker)

Note : You can use any existing map, but our advice is to not load any other sidebar controls or radius search control if you use the map{/_gf} in the user profile.


Here is an example where users can enter their starting point and destination for their daily drive. This is simply done by configuring 2 addresses field (city_home, street_home, city_office, street_office) in the profile component (CB/JS), and setting these fields in the Geocode Factory Profile plugin :


Quick summary

This part of the article is a little todolist :

  • create 2 new set of fields in Jomsocial / Community Builder
  • the first about the first address (city, street, .... )
  • the first about the second address (city, street, .... )
  • configure the Jomsocial plugin like explained (see how to configure the map plugin)
  • define the Geocode Factory field assignment for one of the fields set (address 1)
  • create a markerset with the first address and use the internal lat+long
  • create a markerset with the second address and use the special lat+long