Frequently Asked Question - Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 markers

Questions related to Geocode Factory 3 markers

1 How to change the text that appear on marker when fly over with the mouse?

In the markerset editor, first tab, you see a select list, to choice the title field. Select here the field to be used as tooltip on the map (when mouse is over the marker without click). This selected field is also used for the [TITLE] placeholder of the markerset template. This does not applies to markersets for extensions that manage title (typically directories extensions).

2 How to display two markers in the sample place ?

When 2 (or more) markers are exactely at the same place, you have 2 solution to display both markers. This is a common issue if you geocode your entries with only the city level or if multiple users share the same address.

  • Reduce the markerset accuracy, then each marker will be placed randomly near the real position.
  • Enable the clustering, and set the cluster end zoom at the same level like the map end zoom. when you click on the last cluster with "2" (or more same address markers), a multi-content bubble will be opened with a introduction text "There is x markers here".

3 How to load the map empty with multiple markersets

In the map settings, you have a 'clean load' option, that will hide markers.

Or, you can also use this solution: create an empty marker set that include zero markers (with a filters that return no results). And name this markerset with a name like "Choose". Re-order this markerset and place it on the top of the markersets list. And now the secret is to use the sidelist type named "multi_selector_1" (or "selector_1"), the _1 will load only the first markerset for the map. This will return  this result : 

load multiple markersets choose

And then the visitor can select the markerset to load, this will take no time to laod the map and the selected markers :

load multiple markersets 1 markerset

Of course the user can select multiple markersets at same time. 

load multiple markersets mulitple markersets

4 I have a markerset with a backend radius, how to draw the circle?

By default this is not possible, because the radius is not a markerset setting, but a map setting.

Ther is a workaround. Use the [radius_form] keyword for the map template and in the maps parameters, in the list of available radius, simply set the same radius value like the markerset, as first value in the list. Then the map will use the first value as default value. 

Then the map will (as example) load only the markers around the radius of 50km (defined in markerset) of the current profile map, and will draw the circle in the 50km radius defined in radius values list (defined in map).

5 When I add a Sobipro/Sobi2/... filter about a checkboxes value, there is no result.

A common error with filter on checkboxes is to use the 'human readable' value in filter. You need to enter the value that is saved in database.

As sample when you add a new option there is 2 fields : field_colors_1 and Red. The common error is to enter the following filter : (fid=11 AND optValue = 'Red'), but the correct filter is (fid=11 AND optValue = 'field_colors_1') .

6 I am trying to make a markerset based on the field "city". I tested this filter (city_field=New York) and nothing happens.

You forgot the quotes: (city_field = 'new york') !

7 Why, when I change the markerset in frontend some markers do not appears?

Because theses markers are probably in the same time in multiples markerset. For example, if you have a musician community, and have one markerset for each instrument, a musician can be in drums, and in guitar.

In the maps manager you can define how to manage the duplicate makers, simply select the All option. Then the maker will be in each case.

See the advanced guide to understand better the concept. 

8 My maps are always loaded without marker.

Check you map manager, if the check box named load markers near me is enabled. This should not work in some old browsers or if there is no marekrs near me.