Frequently Asked Question - General questions about Geocode Factory 3

General questions about Geocode Factory 3

1 Why on the side list, all markers names appear 2 times?

This is due because you have used the [sidebar] placeholder and the [sidelists] placeholder in the map template, this make no sense because it contains the same information, in different styles. Remove one of the placeholders from the map template.

2 How to set a Joomla! title for the Geocode Factory view?

  • Create or edit your menu item
  • In the right columns, open the "parameters (system)" tab
  • Fill the "Page title" with your title
  • Save and done.

3 How to edit frontend languages texts?

If you need to change some texts on the frontend like the radius search form, or other:

  • Use your favorite FTP client to edit a file named 'en-GB.com_geocode_factory.ini'.
  • The en-GB prefix represents the languages you are using... (fr-FR = french, de-DE = german, ...)
  • The file is in the joomla_root/languages/en-GB/* folder
  • Open the file and locate the needed text
  • Here you can make the corrections, and save, but at next update, you will lose the changes, then dont change just note the PEC_xxxx value
  • In joomla backend go to Extensions > Languages manager > Overrides
  • Click new
  • As constant enter the PEC_xxx value
  • As text enter the new text
  • Then that will be preserved after updates

4 Is Geocode Factory working with responsive design?

responsive issue

This issue is typicaly due a responsive template, it come because the template include a global CSS setting that make all images width to auto.

Simply add this in the map CSS in the map manager or in your template. Open the map manager, Dispaly options tab, add the followinf into the CSS style:

 .gf_map img{ max-width: none !important;}

If that dont give any result, try to add the following :

 .gf_map img{ max-width:100%!important; height:auto!important; }

5 Can I edit the [radius_form] code to add additional fields and search criteria?

No, this is not possible, the radius form work only with the makers (from any component), then, with a center point (city, and/or zip, and/or street, ...) and a radius distance.