Frequently Asked Question - My map is not loading, loading empty or loading wrong. What should I do ?

My map is not loading, loading empty or loading wrong. What should I do ?

Map not loading at all

If your map is not loading at all.

1 - Did you have published the map?

If there is no map loading, there is a publishing error: check in the map manager if the map is published, check in the menu manager if you already selected a map, if you publish the map throught a module, ensure you that the module is published.

2 - Did you entered right map size?

In the map manager, check the size you set to the map. Some templates will not accept the max-with or max-height methods, or the 100% height. In case of doubts, fix the following values: width: 300px, height : 300px;.

3 - The map controls load strangely or the map is not comlpetely loaded.

responsive issue

This issue is typically due a responsive template, it come because the template include a global CSS setting that make all images width to auto.

Simply add this in the map CSS in the map manager or in your template. Open the map manager, Display options tab, add the following into the CSS style:

 .gf_map img{ max-width: none !important;}

If that dont give any result, try to add the following :

 .gf_map img{ max-width:100%!important; height:auto!important; }

4 - I get this Javascript console message "Warning: you have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.".

This is due because the google maps api is loaded more than one time (yes google should check this...). To avoid this message, please install and enable this plugin.

No markers appears

If your map is loading but is empty or the waiting wheel is infinit.

1 - All my markers disapear when I login?

This issue can be have multiple sources:

  • Check the user rights you set in the markerset (groups to allow and groups to include).
  • Another common issue is to create a markerset centered on the current user, and set a radius around the current user. Then, if you logout, there is no more result (because there is no logged user to calculate the radius).

Makers problems

When the map and the markers are loading, but there is errors.

1 - My markers are loaded in a complete wrong position?

this sound's like a coordinates inversion. Please check:

  • Geocode Factory 5 > Pattern manager.
  • Select the pattern you are currently using for the markerset.
  • Check the Latitude and Longitude, the fields, should be corresponding.