Frequently Asked Question - How to geocode Sobipro entries ?

How to geocode Sobipro entries ?

As write in our docs and product descriptions, the entriesĀ NEED to be geocoded. If entries do not have coordinates (latitude and longitude) there is no radius search possible.... this is not only an issue of this product, but for ALL existing radius search applications for all products... because searching by radius is done via a complex mathematical formula including the entries coordinates, center point coordinates, and distance of radius.

To geocode entries you have two options that we know of :

  • SP-GeoField: this is the Sobipro Club field, it allows to geocode each entry manually during creation and/or modification. It allows also display a map into the entry template itself. It's a good solution if users can create entries from frontend.
  • Geocode Factory: Geocode Factory is our component, it allows to batch geocode all your (4000 entries) at once in an automated operation from the back-end. It allows also you to display all your entries (or by filtering / categories) on maps.

Of course, both solution are 100% compatible (you can use Geocode Factory for batch Geocode, create maps, ... and the GeoField for geocode the new entries).