Frequently Asked Question - What is this plugin ?

What is this plugin ?

This content plugin is designed to be added in Joomla articles. Don't confuse it with the main plugin installable with Sobipro as an application. The main purpose is to insert a link or a button or what you want (customizable) in articles, that redirect to the Sobipro search result based on the center point entered in the article.

For example you have a site with a Sobipro hotels directory, and you have some Joomla articles about tourist spots. In each article you can have text like “Find hotels in a radius of 10km around this place” and it will take you to a search results page with these results automatically.

How to install it ?

Install the downloaded file through the Joomla! installer.

This plugin can work alone ?

No, the Radius Search application for Sobipro is required.