Frequently Asked Question - The radius search dont work (autocomplete is not filled), on detail view or if Sobipro map is visible

The radius search dont work (autocomplete is not filled), on detail view or if Sobipro map is visible

In some cases the Radius Search Application returns a wrong result after the first search because the initial center point of the map doesn't update. You can reproduce the problem by :

  1. Select a Radius center (city), and a radius value
  2. Click the search button
  3. You will see some results
  4. Try to change the center point (city)
  5. The results are based on the original center point even though you have changed it
  6. See this long discussion on our forum for more info.

This is a known issue if you use an additional Google map on the same page. The most common instance is if you are using the Sobipro Club's Geomap field application. It is related to multiple and different Google Maps libraries being loaded. Sobipro uses an older or a different version of the Google maps library script. There is an topic on the Sobipro forum, and we have noticed the developer about this.

Until a better solution from there or from Google, please follow this procedure to prevent the double Maps library load problem :

  • Please unzip the Geomap field zip package (you have downloaded from Sigsiu's club)
  • Edit the 'geomap.php' file, and around at ine 407, change :
  • SPFactory::header()->addJsUrl( ''.( $this->determineLocation ? 'true' : 'false' ) );
  • with
  • SPFactory::header()->addJsUrl( ''.( $this->determineLocation ? 'true' : 'false' ).'&libraries=places' );
  • Repack the zip, and reinstall the plugin.

Now both application load the same version of Google API and problem dispears.


Note 1 : Geocode Factrory Maps are not concerned by this.

Note 2 : If you have the same issue with an another map (Sobipro Map module, or similar product, the process is the same, you need to load the map in the same way.

Note 3 : components/com_sobipro/opt/fields/geomap.php OR modules/mod_


Now we have a special tools (plugin) that solve the issue without changing any file. Simply open a ticket and ask us for it.