This package contains all Sobi2 plugins we have write and published. You can also see them on the JED archives (because they are only compatible with Joomla 1.5), unfortunately the user's reviews are left, but believe us, we was very good rated !

Easy Category plugin

This plugin allows you to change the Sobi category selector for a listbox based category selector. Based on our experience, some users dont understand the basic category tree selector.

For this reason we have develop this new plugin. The categories are drawn in a listbox. Main features:

  • Support of non free cats: This plugin work with the Sobi2 categories options, and will be notify the user about the price and increase the summary
  • Parents cats: You can disable the selection of parent cats
  • Parents cats bis: If your category structure contains one parent cat named "countries", and another named "Colors", then you can create one list based on the Country parent (contains only the children of country), and other based on colors.

A sample is better as all descriptions, please try it by adding your company in the Joomla directory see the demo link or go here, on main page you see the cat tree and under 'proposer un panneau' the entry form.

Favorite plugin

Allows users to add sobi2 entries into an favorite panel. Favorites are displayed on the top of Sobi2 or in a module.

It's very helpful for the visitor to just with one click set an entries to favorites. You select from backend the display mode: text link, button or image and you select if you want shown theses items on vCard and/or detailed view.Of course the texts and images can be defined in backend.

Each entry is added into a favorites container (list box, popup lightbox or module) without page redraw. The plugin restore the favored entries of the user in the next time the user open the site (for non loged users, the plugin use the cookies).

Since version 1.6, the custom fields and the entry image/icon are supported.

A module and a CB plugin are provided (Joomla 1.5 only) to display the favorites in all pages of the site (not only in Sobi pages).

Geolocalise plugin

This plugin allows you to geocode your Sobi entries during the add entry process or in backend with a batch script.

This Sobi2 plugin allows you to geocode your entries following 2 ways:

  • Backend: administrators can geocode automatically existing SOBI2 entries from the entered address in a batch process. The process prevent server crashes with a special JS script that cut the process in little entries packages. Many options are provided like: choice the category you want to geocode, include all entries in sub categories, geocode publish entries, set a rectangular zone (defined by 4 points) and geocode only entries from this range, geocode only the entries with empty coordinates, a common address suffix (like: geneva+Switzerland), ...
  • Frontend: When the entry is saved (or/and updated), the entry is automatically geocoded, then the coordinates are found in same time the entry is saved. In the entry form there is a map, where the user can pick a point, the user can click on a geocode button and if Gallery plugin is installed (version in the package) you can geocode the entry from the image (image made by iphone, android phone, or with another device that geotag the image).

The only think you need is create 2 custom fields, latitude and longitude (existing in sobi from version The plugin need to know the fields you used to defined the address (city, zip, ...) of the entries.

This plugin is perfect if you use the Radius search plugin or the geocat module (provided by The plugin provide no frontend map himself.

Another demo here: > Proposer un panneau

CSV Import plugin

This plugin allows you to import CSV data into Sobi from you favorite spreadsheet program. Multiple categories and images are supported. Very helpful for starting with Sobi.

The data importation is not easy in Sobi, because the database structure is complex. That take a big time to import any data via manual sql queries. What can do this plugin:

  • Import data from a CSV file (spreadsheet).
  • Create a CSV template from your custom fields.
  • Import data into the custom field from SOBI.
  • Each entry can be set into the allowed number of categories.
  • The program can import any type of data (textarea, text, listbox, checkbox).
  • You can choice the owner of the entries.
  • You can import images and icons.

At the moment I have write this plugin (04.2008), it's no way to import data into sobi. Sigsiu provide now a import-export plugin and allow me to distribute my own import script ("There are surly many people for which Your script is fully enough. - Sigrid from Sigsiu.NET").

Interval Search plugin

Advanced search for Sobi2. With two new methods: search by interval (from/to) and search by minimum and maximum (at least).

This plugin, designed for Sobi2, allows you to search into entries with 2 new advanced search methods:

  • From -> to : allow the user to search all entries with custom field value between 2 values (like all houses from 2 to 4 rooms)
  • Min/max: allow the user to search all entries with custom field value at least a value (like all houses with at least 2 rooms or maximum 500,000$)

Work with inputbox, list box, check list group, and calendar. You can add a unlimited number of choices in the search entry form. And you can customise the values (500000 -> 500,000.00).

You can use hand entered values by the user, or list of values (write in backend by admin or calculated by the system), and a tolerance in % can be used.

Mailing plugin

In this plugin the admin can choice the entries to send an email by selecting categories (include sub categories or not), and/or by making filters with some operators from fields (like field_country = Switzerland).

The emails can be created by using the Sobi and custom fields placeholders texts, and the Sobi signature is used.

You can check the entries to see if an email address is present, and can can simulate the send to see each email content. The emails are send by package of 20, 50, 150 or 300 entries at once, and a server pause is automatically made between each passe. It's possible to send an test email to the address of your choice. Attachment are allowed.

NEW : If allowed by admin, frontend users (or member only) can send emails to all owners of a category.

Ordering search plugin 

This plugin allows you to re-order the frontend list view and/or the search results by a custom field.

With this plugin its easy to re-oder your Sobi listings and search results. You have 3 choices,

  • you can select an default order field (in this case the frontend is not changed),
  • give a list of fields to that the user can choice (in this case a new 'Sort by' list is drawn on the front end, above the entries),
  • combine the 2 methods (set a default choice and give a chance to the user to select its own field).

The plugin work with theses custom field types: inputbox, listbox, checkbox, calendar. If AlphaUserPoints is present, you can order the entries by number of points of the user!

In addition, a second list can be used to affine the sort order, by date, hits, ...

Register plugin

This plugin allows your visitors to create their user account at the same time they create their entry Sobi.

This plugin add in the add entry form some fields useful to create the joomla user account (like the email, username, ...). You need to assign some existing Sobi fields (field_email, field_name, ...).

If Community Builder is present, the profile is create at the same time with minimal information. In case of registred user, the login process is made, and in case of registred users, the password and username dont appears.

No Joomla confirmation email is sent, but you can use the sobi notification email to send the user login information.

Last update: the plugin try to synchronize the Sobi2 entered values with the Community Builder or Jomsocial profile.

Visit Card plugin

With this great Sobi2 plugin you can allow your visitors generate a vCard (vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards) from any Sobi2 entry. This vCard (vcf file) can be imported in any contact manager (gmail, outlook, iphone, android, thunderbird, ...).

This is a Sobi2 plugin, easy to install in backend of Sobi2 plugin manager.

The only think you need to do if a mapping (link) between the Sobi2 fields contents (field_street, field_phone, ...) with the vCard standard information (Street, phone, ...).

The link (image, button, or simple link) based on a custom template (html code), or a default icon, can be displayed in detailed and / or category view.