The Geocode Factory Google Places gateway may very well be the best thing to happen to your location based website.

You can now use Google's own database to enrich your maps with detailed information about places and locations across a wide range of categories, all over the world.

google-places-logoUsing Geocode Factory and the Google Places gateway plugin you can display airports, trains, business, banks, ATM's, museums, etc, drawing from the same database used by Google Maps which "features over 95 million businesses and points of interest that are updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions".

Geocode Factory 5

15,00 €
Gateway for Google Places

Using Geocode Factory's gateway plugin you can mix google place markers with markers from your favorite component gateway (like Community Builder, Sobipro, etc).

In the example image below there are 3 makersets, 1 from Sobipro data stored on our site, and 2 from google (banks, trains).
You can enable and disable any markerset by clicking on the icons above.


Main Features

The Google Places gateway plugin for GF has the following main features:

-Create markers sets using one or a combination of google places categories
- Large number of categories to choose from, like banks, trains, airports, amusement parks, bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, art galleries, etc).
- Choose to display (filter) only the places that are open now (where applicable, ex restaurants, cafes, museums, etc).
- Use placeholderin the template to display the places data you are interested in (title, image, description, etc).
- All other features of Gecocode Factory markersets (outside of the specific settings tab) are available to use as well.
- The Google Places data are not stored on your website.

The Geocode Factory 5 Google gateway plugin is independant from any other Joomla extension. To use it, all you need installed is Geocode Factory 5!

Need Support?

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