Form2Content is a powerfull tool with adds templating, custom fields and many other features to article creation in Joomla!.

Our Geocode Factory gateway is compatible with both Form2contentLITE (free) and Form2content Pro.

 Using Geocode Factory's gateway plugin you can geocode each of your Form2Content articles and display all, or any selection of these locations, as markers on a map.

Main features

The gateway plugin for Form2Content contains the following main features:

  • Create markers sets with endless filtering options (categories, custom fields, special database queries, etc)
  • Support of Form2Content custom fields
  • Allow batch backend geocoding of Form2Contentarticles
  • Auto-categories feature (entries depending the currently browsed category)
  • Entry icon as marker icon
  • Category icon as marker icon
  • Draw lines to the article authors (CB or Jomsocial)
  • Draw lines to the events of authors (Jomsocial)
  • and much more..


Special features:

  • Fully compatible with Form2Content's PRO "Geo Coder" field type


To use the Form2Content Geocode Factory 5 gateway plugin you MUST have the Form2Content component installed!

About Form2Content