Community Builder is the leading free Joomla user management and community component.

Using Geocode Factory's CB gateway and profile plugins you can give up to 3 sets of geo-coordinates to each of your CB users (multiple addresses, ex: office, home, etc). You can add maps to your CB user profiles, as well as collectively display the locations of your users as markers on another map. Compatible with noth CB and CB PRO. This gateway contains 3 files:

  • The Gateway itself (for CB 1.x/2.x)
  • The profile plugin for CB 2.x
  • The profile plugin for CB 1.x

Main features

The gateway plugin for Community Builder contains the following main features:

  • Create markers sets with endless filtering options (categories, custom fields, special database queries, etc)
  • Support of custom fields
  • Allow batch backend geocoding of Community Builder entries
  • 3 pairs of coordinates per entry (multi addresses)
  • Display only online/offline users
  • Connect friends on the map
  • User avatar as marker icon
  • Category icon as marker icon
  • Draw lines between users and their articles (Joomla, k2, Form2content), entries (SobiPro or Mosets) or Ads (Adsmanager)
  • Add a sales area field (distance) to your entries
  • Auto-categories feature (entries depending the currently browsed category)
  • and much more..

Special features:

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