SobiPro is Joomla's leading free directory component. Like it's predecessor Sobi2, SobiPro is a highly customisable and versatile component with many extra commercial add-ons.

Using Geocode SobiPro gateway plugin, you can collectively display the locations of all, or any selection of your entries on a map. You can display a map for search results, category browsing, etc, with all the added features of GF5.

Main features

The gateway plugin for SobiPro contains the following main features:

  • Create markers sets with endless filtering options (categories, custom fields, special database queries, etc)
  • Display a map for the search results
  • Allow batch backend geocoding of SobiPro entries
  • Auto-categories feature (entries depending the currently browsed category)
  • Entry icon as marker icon
  • Category icon as marker icon
  • Draw lines to the article authors (CB or Jomsocial)
  • Add a sales area field (distance) to your entries
  • and much more..

Special features:

  • Fully compatible with the Sobipro Geomap module
  • Fully compatible with the Sobipro club plugin 'Geo-field'
  • Compatible with Myjoom's Sobipro Radius plugin which embeds a radius field directly in the search
  • Support multi directories (Sobipro sections)

To use the Sobipro Geocode Factory 5 gateway plugin you MUST have the Sobipro component installed!

About SobiPro


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