Geocode Factory is a leading Joomla! mapping component and arguably the most highly customisable and feature rich mapping solution for your Joomla! website.

plugin concept

With the Geocode Factory component you can display any combination of selected data from your Joomla content (articles), Community Builder (profiles), Jomsocial (profiles and events), Sobi2, SobiPro, Mosets tree, Jevents, AdsManager and/or GPS tools on maps. You can use Google Maps (v3), Bing, Openstreetmap, or even your own custom map tiles, as a map base.

With Geocode Factory you can create an unlimited number of maps and you can mix and match any of the above mentioned sources. For example, on a single map, you may choose to display your:

  • SobiPro or Mosets Tree entries from category -or section- 'x' (ex:"Restaurants"),
  • Community builder or Jomsocial users locations from the countries 'a'and 'b' (ex: "USA" and "Canada"),
  • events from Jevents category 'y' (ex:"Entertainment"), 
  • as well as the Joomla articles from any combination of Joomla! categories you choose.

Furthemore, on this same Geocode Factory map you can use both Bing and Google maps as a base for different areas!

Additionaly, each map has its unique parameters like zoom, zoom range, clustering, size, intro texts, radius search, locate me button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), etc. Each map can also be fully customized by using templating and CSS, as well as a wide range of available built in options like side bars, component category selectors, geolocation, directions parameters and many, many others!

For example, you are able to use a variety of custom map markers in Geocode Factory. A personal image, the profile avatar or any custom image can be used as a marker icon for user management data (CB, Jomsocial) and category, entry, or custom images can be used for directory/events based data (SobiPro, Mosets, Jevents. The markers can also be linked by lines in multiple ways. One such way is to show lines connecting Jomsocial friends or lines connecting SobiPro entries and their owner. Overall, the combinations are endless!

Please consult our Geocode Factory demo pages to get a taste of some of these options and how they can be used.