This FREE Community Builder plugin allows you to display the user's GPS tracks created in the GPS Tools exension (separate third party product).

The plugin have many settings to fine control the final display in the user's profile :

  • Number of routes
  • Date formatting
  • Description length
  • Download button text
  • Show description (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • Show date (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • Show link (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • Show category (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • Show distance (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • Show time (yes/no, how, ordering, ...)
  • ... 
Install this product via the CB plugin installer.

Product info

  • Plugin: CB only 
  • Licence: GPLv2 or later
  • Released Date: 10 Oct. 2013