Geocode Factory is a mapping component that works with Joomla! core articles as well as many other 3rd party extensions that store address and/or coordinates data.
It allows you to display joomla content and/or other third party items on maps in many creative ways.
You can display multiple marker sets from different 3rd party components on one or more Geocode Factory maps.

Geocode Factory 5 is compatible with Joomla version 3 and php 7.

Geocode Factory 5

Basic Component Package

By default Geocode Factory 5 is delivered with the Joomla! Articles plugin allowing you to geocode your articles and display them on maps and/or display maps inside articles.

The basic package is free and it contains:

- The main component and related module
- The Joomla content map loader plugin
- The Joomla content article geocode plugin

Geocode Factory 5


  • Just need to login or register and download it free!

Full feature list

With the Geocode Factory Component you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps, or even use custom map tiles instead, like Openstreetmap or any other.
Each map can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS.
You can add any of the many built-in options like sidebars, geolocation, dynamic radius search, underlying kml layers, and many other features!

Map Features

We use Google maps.

- Unlimited list of maps: Creation of an unlimited number of Google maps, each with own parameters.
- Google map v3: Use the last Google map api.
- Joomla tools on each map: You can edit, copy, publish, and delete each map.
- Named map: Each map has a name.
- Custom size: Define the map size (with in px/em/%, and map height in px/em).
- Component template: The component's frontend is a template on which you can draw the map, and all controls using keywords (placeholder) and use them how you want in tables, divs, ...
- Number of markers: Show where you want the count of displayed markers.
- Sidebar: Draw a side list of markers (including distance from radius if set) where you want, then click on a marker zoom on the marker and open the bubble.
- Sidelist: Draw a side list of markersets including markers (including distance from radius if set), where you want, then click on a marker zoom on the marker and open the bubble.
- Markerset selector: Draw a combox of markerset where you want in the template, to select the markerset to show/hide.
- Markerset multiselector: Draw a listbox of markerset where you want, then select one or more markerset to show/hide.
- Locate me: A frontend google maps locate me button that tries to find your browser's position, and display a marker on the map.
- Location me moving: The locate me marker can be dragged on the map.
- Save position: Save the current locate me marker's position in main map.
- Reset position: Geocode the profile's position (from postal address), and move the locate me marker on this position.
- Locate me icon: The icon is customizable (default : blue cross).
- Default demo atemplate: You can copy a default template to show the main controls.
- Max markers: By default all filtered markers are shown, but you can limit the number to increase the performance.
- Backend sample map: In the backend, a sample map is shown that uses the google controls you set (after the apply button).
- Default map center point: Free hand latitude and longitude or picking a point on the backend's map.
- Map center on browser location: Center the map on the browser physical location (iphones, androids, or from IP for desktops).
- Map center on members coordinates: Center the map on the location defined in the current logged member.
- Map center auto: Center the map to show all markers (useful for radius search).
- Map type buttons: Select your favorite button's display or hide them.
- Map pan/zoom buttons: Default, small, android style, or none.
- Zoom default: Default zoom when entering the map.
- Mouse wheel zoom: Allow the mouse wheel zoom.
- Doubleclick zoom: Allow the double click zoom.
- Zoom range: Allow only zooming from... to... .
- Show lines: Show connection lines between connected / friends profiles (JS/CB) or between entries and owners.
- Clustering: Use the clustering if you have many markers and want to group them.
- Clustering end: Define the zoom level where stopping the clustering.
- Cache duration: Freeze the markers (position and number) in cache file for a gived time or disable.
- Unlimited number of layers: You can use KML, KMZ or geoRss feeds in maps.
- Frontend search: You can activate a frontend search form to get marker in a radius from a custom entered address.
- Frontend radius: Custom list of distances in miles or kilometers for the radius list in frontend.
- Frontend radius click: When click on the map get the markers in the given radius.
- Frontend radius click: Choice between left or right button
- Frontend radius circle: Draw a colored circle when frontend radius is used.
- Frontend radius zoom auto: Automatic zoom on the radius area.
- Frontend radius reset: Click a button to reset the map and show all markers.

Markers Features
Markers Bubble
GeoCode Profiles
General Features

Component Plugins

Component Plugins

Supercharge your Geocode Factory maps with these plugins, will allow you to extended the features to a all new level.

Geocode Factory 5

25,00 €
Super Cluster plugin

Geocode Factory 5

15,00 €
Level plugin

Component Gateways

Geocode Factory 5 offer low priced plugins (called gateways)  to allow mapping the data stored in these popular 3rd party extensions. Those extension will then function as data providers to your maps.


15,00 €
Gateway for Google Places

Mosets Tree

15,00 €
Gateway for Mosets Tree


15,00 €
Gateway plugin for Sobipro

Ads Manager

15,00 €
Gateway for Ads Manager


15,00 €
Gateway for K2


15,00 €
Gateway for SEBLOD


15,00 €
Gateway for Form2Content

GPS Tools

20,00 €
Gateway for GPS tools

Community Builder

15,00 €
Gateway for Community Builder


20,00 €
Gateway for JEvents

Geocode Factory 5

15,00 €
Gateway for Jomsocial

Jom Social

15,00 €
Gateway for Jomsocial Events

If the extension you are using is not supported, you can ask us to develop it. Simply open a support ticket, and we can make it happen!

Need Support?

Having problems installing Geocode Factory or configuring your plugin? We've got your back, subscribe one of our low price support packages.


49,00 €
Support Basic

1 ticket
1 one domain
All extensions and plugins


149,00 €
Support Silver

10 tickets
1 domain
All extensions and plugins


249,00 €
Suport Gold

25 tickets
3 domains
All extensions and plugins