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Known issues

There are the most common issues, you will find more answers in our FAQ.

1 - Javascipt error in debug console.

"You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors."

This is due because the google maps api is laoded multiple time by different application, and loaded in different method. There is 2 solutions:

  • edit the application, modifiy the part where the api is loaded to be the same path for each, or
  • install this plugin, and enable it this should fix the issue by changing the loading method "on the fly".

2 - Form not showing in search form until a search is done. 

This is due to a known Sobipro issue. To fix this you need to go on the fields manager, locate and edit the field_geo_map and set it as 'searchable : no'. 

3 - Warning displayed in backend. 

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This warning is due because our application use not at 100% the Sobipro API. This message will not affect the Radius search application. No worries about this.

4 - I don't see the application!

After installing you must first clean both the Sobipro and Joomla caches.

Then if you are using the native Sobipro geomap field make sure it is disabled on the search page. Follow this:

  • Open the sobipro Backend
  • Go to the Section configuration > Fields manager
  • Loacate the 'Geomap' field (s)
  • Edit the field, Search Fields Settings > Searchable > No


Applies To

Sobipro Radius Search - Application