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Once the Radius Search Application is installed and configured, and the SOBI Pro templates modified, you can start your first search query based on the radius. For the following example we assume you have activated all options.

Step 1 - selecting the radius center

Go into your search form and you will see a new search field labeled what you named it in the configuration (or the default value). In the below sample it is 'Start Point' :


You can type any part an address into this field, and the plugin will try to find the address for you.


When you have entered enough of the address for Google to recognize your entry, you will see the correct suggestion in the list. Select it by clicking in the suggestion list. The coordinates of this location will be used as radius center.

If you want to use your current position, simply click the ‘Locate me’ button, and the plugin will geocode your browser location and write it into the input box. Now that we have a center point, we can go to step 2.

Note 1 : To use this feature you must accept the permission dialog in your browser.

Step 2 - selecting the radius

Select a radius distance you want to search within from the drop down box :


These distances come from the back-end parameters you entered above (eg: 10, 20, 50, 100)

Step 3 - selecting other Sobipro filters if desired

If you don’t choose any SOBI Pro filters the search will return ALL entries within that chosen radius.

Step 4 - Click search button!

Search results will reflect the the entries in the selected radius, from given center point that meet any Sobipro search criteria you entered.

Here is a sample search that finds all results within a 50 miles radius of Sun City, AZ.


And here the same search with a custom search on the keyword 'sam':



Understand the sales area concept : 

Imagine we have a list of companies that provide service. Each company can have a given geographic area that the company works in. Each company can define the maximum distance (radius) from its office (center point) that it covers. To better understand, we have make a little capture :

sales area

You can see here that each company has a different sized circle, that represents its own coverage area. 

The idea is that when the user does a simple radius search on the map, with a center point, and a distance, any entry whose COVERAGE AREA falls within the search parameters then the entry will also appears in the results. The difference between this and a radius search is that even if the center point of this company is not in the radius search it will still appear. Let’s say you want to find a company that does business within 75 miles of you. If a company is located 100 miles away, using the traditional search they would not appear in your search results. However, if that company’s work area is within 50 miles of its office then it WILL now show up in your search because that company will work within 50 miles of your location, therefore, falling within the desired criteria.

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