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To use the Radius search application (plugin) you need :

  • Sobipro installed (at least version 1.05)
  • SP-Geo field plugin installed or Geocode Factory**
  • Geocoded Sobipro entries (the entries must have latitude and longitude)

Note : the plugin is compatible with the Geocode Factory module and Geocode Factory search plugin.

      ** Geocode Factory installs the SP-Geo fields database table if the SP native field does not exist.


In your subscription you can find 3 files : 

  • : the Sobipro app
  • : the optional joomla plugin
  • : the optional joomla module


The Radius Search Application is a native Sobipro application. You need to install it through the Sobipro application manager. Follow this procedure :

  • Go to your Sobipro backend
  • Open the Application manager
  • Install the Radius Search Application (confirm installation)
  • Browse to the applicable Sobipro Section
  • Under the applicable ‘Section Applications’ click on Radius Search to open the application’s control panel:
  • Configure the Radius Search plugin as per specific needs.
  • Follow the bellow instructions to integrate the application output into the search form and the vCards templates.

NOTE : this application need no other complex geo database to be install (as on Sobi2...)

Dont forget to enable the application under the appilcation list of Sobipro, and for each section where you need to use it. See bellow captures :




There is (at this time) no repository for this application. To update, please follow this procedure :

  • Download the last version (under your profile page on
  • Go to your Sobipro backend
  • Open the Application manager
  • Install the new release over the currently installed version
  • The Application is updated

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Sobipro Radius Search - Application