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There is so much to do near and around one location.
Let’s show what’s nearby!


A module that easily displays other entries geographically near any specific entry within that Sobi Pro section! This is an easy way to show what is nearby!

Introducing: What’s Nearby Module

sobipro nearby entries moduleThe SobiPro Nearby Entries Module will provide you the opportunity to show a list of nearby SobiPro entries based on the location of the current SobiPro entry. This is a great tool which will make your website more efficient and enjoyable for your visitors. 
Sometimes showing one SobiPro entry detail page is not enough. We may need to show visitors what else is around that area in an easy to see format. This is easy now because the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module will make the entry’s detail page display information about what else is in that area. If your SobiPro entries are geolocated using latitude and longitude, nearby attractions around that entry location will be listed into the What’s Nearby Module!

SobiPro Nearby Entries Module description

The SobiPro Nearby Entries Module is a Joomla 2.5 application. Based on the parameters set in the backend module administration interface, when the visitors access the detail view of a SobiPro entry the module will display a list with entries which are geolocated in the vicinity of the active entry.


To use the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module you must have the SobiPro entries geolocated. Usually this is done by fetching the coordinates for them from the postal address of the entry (zipcode, street, country ... etc). You can do that using MyJoom Geocode Factory or if you are SobiPro silver level club member you can use Sigsiu’s SobiPro field called ‘Geomap’.

Example: What’s Nearby!

From one SobiPro entry page, for example “Picasso Museum” using the What’s Nearby module you can show accommodation locations that are in the area. Additionally, by changing the settings, the module can also show another museums.

Based on this example your website visitors or members can easily discover attractions, places, services and products near a SobiPro entry based on YOUR directory!

You can also publish the module multiple times on the same page. For example, if you have 2 sections in your Sobipro directory : Hotels and Museums, you can:

  • publish the module based on the museum section, on the Sobipro detailed view of the museums. In this case the module will display all museums in a particular radius around the current one.

And/or :

  • publish the module based on the hotel section, on the Sobipro detailed view of the museums. In this case the module will display all hotels in a particular radius around the current one.

SobiPro nearby entries module


Quick Overview: the downloaded files

After your payment was confirmed, check your profile page on myjoom, under the “my downloads” tab you will see your download link. After you get the files, please follow the installation instructions in next part of this guide. The What’s Nearby Module installation is like an any normal Joomla! module installation. If you will follow this basic steps, you should not have any problems with the installation of the module. Let’s do it!


You will install the module using your standard, Joomla! administration page. - this is the What’s Nearby Module that you will be installing.


First do a backup of your site, as is good practice for any new extension installation/upgrade. Go to the Joomla’s Extension Manager and choose and upload the package.

If you are a new or experience Joomla! user, theNearby Entries Module is fast, easy and intuitive. However, we will be happy to help you via our customer support system.

installation of the module


Module Setup

Let’s start setting up the module. Below are the parameters :

sobipro nearby entry module setup

Module Class Suffix

Module Class Suffix is a parameter in Joomla! modules. You can define a new css class or you
can use one from existing CSS class of your Joomla default template. You can use this option
to distinguish that module from others regarding the css class.
If you don’t know how to manage the css class please leave this field empty.

How many decimals

Based on geolocation, the module will show the radius distance between the location of the main entry you are looking at and the location of other entries listed in the module. Here you can choose how many decimal places will be shown after the divider: 1.2 km, 1.23 km, 1.237 km, etc.

SobiPro Section

A great characteristic of the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module is that it can show entries from the same section as the Sobipro entry you are looking at or from a different section.
For example: if the entry detail page you are viewing shows an entry from “Museums” the module can be configured to list entries from the “Hotels” SobiPro section. This parameter will list all the published SobiPro sections for you to choose from. 
(note: future versions will allow multiple sections in the same module)


Defines the maximum distance to be used for the radius calculation when determining results.
For example if you will choose 1 (km) the module will show only the entries located up to 1 km
away from the main entry.

Unit for distance

Defines the unit to be used for the radius calculation. You can use kilometers (km), miles (mi) or
nautical miles (nm).

Maximum number of the results

This option allows the user to limit the maximum number of the results which will be shown in the module list. In highly dense areas, this can be used to prevent having a long list of entries so you can limit it to the first XX entries displayed within the above defined distance.

Order Results

You can order the results by distance or by names. If you choose “Distance” it means that the entries will be listed in ascending distance order. If you choose “Name” it means that the results will be listed alphabetically.

External site settings

Here you can enter the credential for another site, if you want to take the information from it. If you have a site about hotels, you can display the nearbies hotels near the amusement parks of your amusement park site.

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