Knowledge Base - How to add the SobiPro Nearby Entries Module into the SobiPro entry template

The SobiPro Nearby Entries Module is native Joomla! module you can publish it on any module position of your Joomla template (like left, right, banner, ...). If preferred, you can put the Nearby Entries module in the SobiPro entry detail template (instead of in it’s own joomla template module position). Follow the instructions :

  • After the setup of the module is completed, edit the module in the module manager
  • Create a new module position by typing a new name into the module position field ( for example: SP_nearby_position) and click save.
  • In the SobiPro control panel, navigate to the Section Configuration menu > Section Template > entry > details.xsl
  • Edit this template by inserting this line of code into the template where you want the module to appear : 
  • Click “Save”.
  • Important : Additionally, in the SobiPro admin panel, please check in General Configuration > Template Data tab to make sure that “Parse Template Output” is set to 'Yes'.


If you want a label to appear above your new module output you will need to code that as well as the ‘loadposition’ tag only loads the output of that assigned module. It does not output the module name.

You can navigate now to the front of your site and view an Entry in SobiPro. You should now see the SobiPro Nearby Entries module wherever you placed the code in your SobiPro template.

Example of SobiPro Nearby Entries Module into the SobiPro entry template

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