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Publishing maps

There are multiple methods by which you can publish a Geocode Factory map, you have multiple choices :

  • Create a Joomla! menu item pointing to a specific map
  • Publish it through the Gecoode Factory map module
  • Show a map within a content article
  • Show a map within a user's profile (Jomsocial/Community Builder)

Publish a map through Joomla! menu

This will display the map as main content of the page.

  • In Joomla! backend > create a new menu item
  • Select the Geocode Factory type
  • Select one of the choice :
    • Map based : you need to select the map, and all linked markersets will be load
    • Markerset based : you need to select a markerset, and the linked map will automatically loaded. Note: you need to know the ID number of the markerset before you can create this type of map. This is found in the Geocode Factory, markerset control panel.
    • select-geocode-factory-menu-joomla
  • Save the menu item

On the front-end you will now see a new menu item linking to the selected map.

Publish a map using the Geocode Factory Show map module

You need to have the Geocode Factory module installed.

  • Select the module manager
  • Click the new module, and select the Geocode Factory module type
  • Select the map to display
  • Publish the map on the needed page

tuto module

All map settings are defined in the Geocode Factory map manager, but, you can force the zoom level here (leave empty or 0 to use the map zoom).

Find more detailled info in the how to configure the module article.

Publish a map within an article

There are 2 ways to display a map in an article. Both work with a Joomla! content plugin.

Loadposition method

  • Create a module based on the Geocode Factory mod_gf_showmap module
  • Publish the module into a position of your template, or a custom position that doesn't exist
  • Publish the Content - Load module plugin. This is a core plugin of Joomla!.


  • Edit the article where the map should appear by adding the {loadposition position_name} in the text, where position name is the position where the module is published


  • The resulting article show the map into the article.


  • You can embed the {} in a div position and set the float property, to align the map into the text.


  • Of course you can play with the styles as well and add some decoration like borders and such.


Article Plugin

Since Geocode Factory v3+, you can install the 'Geocode Factory Article plugin', that allow also to display a map into an article. The plugin need to be installed and published, and you need to set the plugin code into the article {myjoom_gf xxx}, where the xxx is the address where the map will be centered.

Publish a map within a user's profies

This method can only be used if you use the Community Builder or Jomsocial profile plugin provided by Geocode Factory. Please check the profiles plugins related article on this site to have more details.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3