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Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or ZIP codes (postal codes).

Batch geocoding is the idea that you can take all entries/profiles in a given component and set geographic coordinates for all entries/profiles in one unique operation. In the Geocode Factory control panel, depending the installed extensions, you find a "Geocode" link for each third party extensions in which you can geocode the related entries/profiles. If you don't find the link for your extension, this is due one the following reasons :

  • this extension includes its own Batch Geocode function
  • this extension doesn't allow geocoding



You are now ready to Geocode your data. If you have users or entries created without coordinates use the geocode icon in the right section (if available) : Community builder section, Jomsocial section, …


On the Geocode page, you will see a list of the items you can geocode. The displayed address and coordinates are dependent on the component 'field assignation'. You can control the items displayed on this list with different filter depending the context (CB users, Sobipro entries, …). There are 2 different action buttons :

  • Geocode selected : will geocode only the checked items
  • Geocode filtered : will geocode only the items that correspond to the current filters (through all pages of results if more than one page exists).

The geocode processes a group of items at a time. The size of this group was set as an option in the component parameters. You can see how many profile are left during the process.


Note : at this day you can Geocode 2500 entries by 24h period (even with an apikey). This is a Google limitation. There is a detailled article in the Geocode Factory Faq.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3