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Field assignment

paramsField assignment

On the control panel, depending the installed third party extensions you find a list of links to assign the fields. If you don't find the link for your extension, this is due one the following reasons :

  • the extension has a fixed list of fields
  • the extension doesn't allow geocoding


Geocode Factory need to know what field is used for what info (field_city is the city...). The more fields you select the more accurate the geocoded location is. Of course you can also select only one field, for a geocode based only on postcode or city. The list of available fields and available list of choice is depending the third party extension you are using.


The lat and long fields are very important, because these fields will receive the coordinates. In some extensions  like Jomsocial, Mosets Tree and such, theses fields are include in the core, then simply leave the 'Use internal fields' option. Of course you can use your own created custom fields.

Note : there is no importance if you set the field_city in the front of country, or such, the names are defined for ease the reading only.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3