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Basic settings

Control panel

When you open the component, you will see the control panel (cpanel). The control panel, contains 2 main areas :

  • the icons area on the left
  • the info panels on the right


Version and registration

You need to register the product with your order number to enable the version check and support. Follow this procedure within the right info panel under the "product registration.." section :

  • Enter your order number,recevied by email after your Subscription is validate
  • Click save button

Note : in some case if you use a special backend template, the save button won't work. In this case simple switch to normal template, for registering.


The next panel is for version checking. It checks with the MyJoom website to see if you have the latest published version. A message appears if an update is needed. In some cases the available version is lower that the installed version, because not all intermediate versions require an update.


configGeneral settings


Find here the description of several settings (dont forget to use the tool tips to learn more) :

  • Google server : National server which will be performed the geocoding queries. If the majority of your users are in France, enter Leave if your site is international or if you are not sure.
  • Profiles by passes : When geocoding, if the planned job is, for example, geocoding of 500 profiles, the runtime breaks down this number in smaller groups in order to not overload the server and avoid unpleasant messages like 'Time out'. If you choose 50, the program completed 10 passes in our example (10x50 = 500).
  • Server break : Sets the discharging pause in seconds between server passes.
  • Use all field type : in set to yes, all fields are used in select box (backend). For example you can use the field type ‘Country’ in CB. At your own risks, because we cannot test each type of custom field.
  • Line colors : define the link line color between markers.
  • Waysearch button : draw a button that allows Geocode Factory to locate the user's current position (browser location), into the bubble route form.
  • Debug mode : see the article ‘using the Geocode Factory debug mode
  • JQuery options : can be changed if your bubble tabs are not properly loaded. You can use the no-conflict mode or use your own library (loaded by another component or the template). In some cases the usage of the "jQuery Easy" plugin has solved some issue if you don't find another solution.
  • Radius circle color : You can control the color of the radius circle. You can enter a color like ‘blue’ or a color code like ‘#00A1FF’. Note this color corresponds to the border of the circle and the circle “fill” is based on the same color, but translucent.
  • Sales area color : Same as before, but for the sales area circles.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3