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Plugin : Community Builder map search



This plugin is an optional commercial add-on for the Geocode Factory suite and is designed to display the Community Builder (CB) search results on a Gecode Factory map.

To display maps from Geocode Factory on Community Builder pages, you need to have the Geocode Factory’s module installed and published on the Community Builder search pages where you want the map to display.

Find the Geocode Factory's Community Builder map search plugin here.

Follow this guide to install and configure your Community Builder Search result map.


You need to install the free Geocode Factory module which is included an installed with Geocode Factory component. This is what displays the Geocode Factory map in a module position. If you do not already have it installed you can install it in the same way as any other Joomla! module and it can be installed over the old version.

Now it’s time to install your new plugin. This plugin is a Community Builder plugin. So use the Community Builder plugin manager to install it. Ensure it is enabled in the CB Plugin Manager. There are no parameters to set as, all setting are in Geocode Factory component. You need just to publish the plugin.


To use this plugin to generate a map displaying Community Builder search results you need two things:

  • Map defined for this purpose
  • A marker set in Geocode Factory that is set up for Community Builder

It is configured in the map and marker set. To do this open the Geocode Factory component. Create a map with at least [map] defined to the template.

Make sure that the cache option is set to “no cache” on the “Display Options” tab of the map settings.


In Geocode Factory, create a Community Builder markerset that shows all Community Builder entries and assign the markerset to the specified map.

Notes :

  • Instead creating new maps and markersets, you can use an existing map and CB's markerset.
  • You will find how to create a map and marker sets in our documentation.
  • You can add more than one markerset (like user’s profiles markers) to the map and only the Community Builder data  (markers) will be filtered in the search results due to this CB search plugin.
  • You can also configure additional filters in the markerset settings if desired.

Now you can display the map. Go to the module configuration for the Geocode Factory module. Edit the module and publish it in the desired module position on at least on the CB search page. Make sure to select the map you configured for this purpose.


We can select the Community Builder functions that you do not want applied to this module. For the purpose of mapping CB search results, we want to exclude the profile view by setting the 'Tasks To Hide' settings' to : task=userProfile. This is set by default so you should not have to change this (learn more about the Geocode Factory module).

Known issues

The plugin does not work with the Geocode Factory Component cache enabled. Use the No cache option in the map manager as described in the configuration above.

In summary

In order to configure the CB map search, you need:

  • A CB list, to generate the CB search page
  • A Geocode Factory map
  • A Geocode Factory markerset with, at least, all markers that can appear into the CB search page (CB list)
  • This markerset published on the Geocode Factory map.
  • At this step, if you create a menu link type "Geocode Factory" in Joomla, you can show a map with all your community members markers
  • Now publish the (free) Geocode Factory module on the CB list (search) page (you can also publish it on other pages).
  • Enable the CB map search plugin
  • Now when you do a search on CB, the result are filtered on the map

Needed products :

  • Geocode Factory component
  • CB map search
  • Geocode Factory module (free)

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3