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Map Module Configuration


There are multiples module that are installed by default with Geocode Factory. This is how they work :

Geocode Factory Show Map


Before you configure the module, please ensure you have already a map and at least one markerset created in Geocode Factory. Please refer to the Geocode Factory component documentation for this.

In the Joomla! module manager edit the newly installed ‘Geocode Factory’ module. Publish the module on the pages where you want to display it and set required parameters :

  • Select the map to display in the select list (in Joomla! 1.5, you need to enter the map ID manually)
  • Select any Joomla! tasks where you don't want to display the map (see below how this works)


There are no parameters to set for the map itself as all map-specific setting are in Geocode Factory component. However, you do have the option to force the zoom level and override the component settings to be sure you have the desired zoom in your module context.

The module can interact with some other extensions :

  • All supported 3th party directory extensions (Sobipro, Mosets tree, AdsManager, …). Refer to the dedicated article How Geocode Factory works with directories categories.
  • Sobipro Map Search plugin to display the search results on the map
  • Community Builder Map Search plugin to display the search results on the map
  • Radius Search Application for Sobipro

Tasks To Hide Module settings

You can hide the module in some cases, like in detail view of Directory page. This is easier to explain by example : we want to hide the module in the search page of Sobipro, and show it in the search results page. Set the back-end parameter to include at least :


In the search form, the module is not visible :


And in the search result page, the module is visible.


Note : for this example, we have used the Sobipro search result map plugin in addition to the module.

If you want to hide the map but you don't know the value of the URL parameter that is used, then use this place holder : ? Sample : catid=? will hide the map, each time catid contain a value.

Warning, if you remove all default tasks from the list, then the module will reset to default value (all default detail tasks). To prevent this, simply set a fake value, like '0' or 'nothing=nothing'. There must be something in that field.

Geocode Factory - Data form

This module allows you to display map control in any module position  and to display a radius search form on any page of your site even WITHOUT the map being displayed on that page. This radius search will search through the map markers of the current configured map.

The main parameter of this module is the "Map page url". You need to provide the URL of the page where the map is published (the map where you need to do the radius search. The path needs to start with "http://", and a non-SEF URL is recommended.

The other parameters are related to the needed controls of the page, like the sidelist, the radius values, etc.

A requirement to use this feature is to have the [radius_form] placeholder present on the map page. Please read the advanced map template article for more detail.

Here is an example: In this first page, there are no maps, just the radius search, simply enter Irvi... and the auto complete will suggest matches for you:


And when you press the search button, the map page will be loaded with the resulting markers:



You can see a working sample of this module in the demo section > sites using Geocode Factory.


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3