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Geocode Factory is a standalone component, but since it's main purpose is to map data created by 3rd party components you need those components as well as Geocode Factory. In some cases there you will also need to install other extensions for Geocode Factory (plugins, third party plugins, and modules). This chapter will guide you in this process. Please read each article of this section, we will explain each case.


The first step to do is download the Geocode Factory component from My Susbscriptions page. Depending your subscription you will see one or more folders, and in each folder a list of files to download.

List of main files

The folders contains the following files / products :

  • Geocode Factory : contains the Geocode Factory component
  • Community Builder profile plugin : This is the plugin to be used with Community Builder. It is installed automatically in CB. Follow the detailed article about plugin configuration.
  • Jomsocial profile plugin : includes the plugin to be used with Jomsocial. Follow the detailed article about plugin installation
  • Article plugin: display maps in articles
  • Show Map module : allows you to display a map in any module position.
  • Dataform module : allows you to display a map in any module position.


The installation is 100% automated. All component, modules, and plugins (including the Community Builder and Jomsocial plugins) are installed at the same time in one unique operation. All theses files are into the main component file, and also available separatly (in the extra folder).

  • First do a backup of your site, as is good practice for any new extension installation/upgrade.
  • Download the package file :
  • This file must be installed, using the Joomla! installer.

The component, modules and all plugins (including for CB) are installed automatically.


When you download a new version, simply install it over the old, by following the installation procedure describe above. All realted products will be updated and settings will be preserved. You don't need to uninstall the previous version.

Important : don't forget to make a backup of your site before installing any extension!



Applies To

Geocode Factory 3