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Does Geocode Factory support Sobipro?


YES ! Sobipro is fully supported. You can work in Geocode Factory exactly like other markerset and you can mix Sobipro's markerset with markers from other components (Community Builder, Jomsocial, Sobi2, ...) on the same map.

You can also batch Geocode your whole existing Sobipro entries, with a simple button click ! 

Regarding Sobipro, there are some differences to create the markersets. The most important are  described here :

  • Sobipro can contain an unlimited number of directories called 'Sections', each with its own fields, parameters, templates, categories, etc. When you start a new markerset based on Sobipro data, you need at first to select a Section. To do this, enter a markerset's name, select the section you want to work with, and click Apply. After that you will see all options (fields, categories, etc) for THIS section only.
  • In Sobipro, you can create an unlimited number of image fields. Each can contain the entry icon (company logo, ads thumbnail, ...). You can use any of them as marker icon and/or of course in the bubble.
  • If you are a Sobipro club member you can download a plugin named SP GeoMap Field plugin (not related to myjoom). This plugin allows you to create geocoded entries in Sobipro during the entry creation. Geocode Factory is compatible with this plugin, and all entry containing coordinates fetched by this plugin will be shown on the Gecode Factory maps. If you already have entries without coordinates, the Geocode Factory batch geocode is compatible too.

Note 1 : If you dont have the Sobipro's SP GeoMap Field, that is not a problem, all will work in te same way. To have entries geocodes, simply use the Geocode Factory's backend 'Batch geocode' function.

Note 2 : You can mix multiples sections in a same map.

Radius search and Sobipro 

If you choice Sobipro as directory component, you can improve Geocode Factory maps with the Sobipro map Search plugin, that allow you to plot on the map the Sobipro search results. This is a separate plugin that make the bridge between Geocode Factory and Sobipro search results.

To work with radius, you have 2 separate approaches : working only with Geocode Factory maps, and controls, or improve Sobipro search form with our Radius Search application that is compatible with Geocode Factory.

Radius Search application method

And another improvement for Sobipro you can use our Radius Search Application, into search form of sobipro. This Sobipro application is compatible with Geocode Factory and the Sobipro map Search plugin.

Radius map method 



This article describes how to use this plugin to filter the SobiPro search results to a given radius on a Geocode Factory map. This is not a radius search field integrated into the SobiPro search form. For that purpose we have a comprenhensive Radius Search application for Sobipro search form, which is a total, SobiPro search solution. These plugins are compatible with each other, but do different things.

What you need?

  • Geocode Factory 3 or 5 component
  • Geocode Factory Show map module (free)
  • Geocode Factory 3 Sobipro map search plugin or Geocode Factory 5 Gateway plugin
  • Sobipro component (
  • Read the Sobipro search plugin for Geocode Factory documentation


To make this plugin function configure the Sobipro search plugin for Geocode Factory as per the linked article. Then add the radius form option on the map template if it is not already there:


You can also add the results list if desired, but it is not required as the vCard results are already on the Sobipro search page :

SP markers[sidebar]


Finding entries within a specified radius within a SOBI search is currently a 2-part process.

  • First you search SOBI Pro using the built in SOBI search form to filter for the criteria you are interested in like business day, or by some other SOBI field.
  • Second you specify the radius distance you want to search to within those results and apply it to the results of the first search.

Note : initially the map shows all markers, but the module can be hidden at this view by using the task to hide feature of the module (Please refer to the Geocode Factory documentation for more details).

If you have properly configured the module and plugin you should see this: 


As an example we will search for 'Neo' in the SOBI Pro search form. In this sample directory we find 2 results : 


And now come the radius filter, we want to search only the entries in a 250km radius of 'Lyon, France', in the address box, simply type 'Lyon...' and select the 'Lyon, France' :


 Then select a 250km radius :


Click "Search" and you will get the above result of one marker that meets both the SOBI criteria AND the radius distance limit! 

Frequently asked questions

How to geocode Sobipro entries

To have the entries geocoded, you have (to my knowledge) two solutions :

  • Geo map Field : this is the Sobipro Club field, it allows to geocode each entry manually during creation and/or modification. It allows also display a map into the entry template itself.
  • Geocode Factory : Geocode Factory is our component, it allows to batch geocode all your (4000 entries) at once in one unique operation. It allows also to display all your entries (or by filtering / categories) on maps. Note since the next version (available on demand, but released middle of june), you can automatically center the map on the current entry, in a module position.

Of course, both solution are 100% compatible (you can use Geocode Factory for batch Geocode, create maps, ... and the GeoField for geocode the new entries).

I have a checkbox field in Sobipro that allows to set the entries to Featured by checking this option.

Sobipro dont save any value if the check box, is not checked. Then with geocode factory we cannot write a filter "get entries if field not exisiting".

A first workaround is to create your "featured" markerset, with the checkbox filter : "(fid=38 AND optValue = 'option_id')" (where 38 is your field). And create your "normal" markerset without any filter (yes it will display the featured markers too). And the secret is to place the featured markerset before the normal markerset in the markersets list ordering in the backend, and in the map manager select the option "Duplicate markers" to "one strict". Then the featured markers are loaded first, and will not allow to load the normal markers that are into the featured ones.

A second (and easier) workaroud is to change the checkbox choice to a listbox selector with a "Free" and "Featured" mode, then you can for easy create you filter for the both makersets to "(fid=38 AND optValue = 'Free')" and "(fid=38 AND optValue = 'Featured')".

Geocode Factory map in Sobipro entry

To display a Geocode Factory map in the Sobipro entries detail view, simply create you module and set it in any position and enter this is your template :

  • [loadposition SP_map_position]

or the module name :

  • [loadmodule SP_map_module_name]

In the SobiPro admin section, navigate to the Section Configuration menu on the left and select General Configuration. Now select the Template Data tab and make sure the Parse Template Output is set to 'Yes'.

Dont forget to create a markerset that include at least the current entry, and then the map will be centered on the current market. 

If you use a tabbed Sobipro template, you need to enter the tab id in the module settings. For that you find a Sobipro tab id in the module settings. If you put the map in tab 3, entered the "tab-3" because the map is in tab 3.

Note : remplace the [ with {, and ] with {

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3