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"Does Geocode Factory support AdsManager?"



YES ! AdsManager is full supported. You can work in Geocode Factory exactly like other markersets and you can mix AdsManager's markerset with other (Community Builder, Jomsocial, Sobi2, ...) on the same map. You can use all Geocode Factory features :

  • Avatar as icon (custom size)
  • Full bubble customisation (fields, image, link, ...)
  • Radius search
  • Markers list (clickable)
  • Category dependant
  • Ads owner link as line
  • ...


You can also batch Geocode your whole existing AdsManager entries, with a simple button click (based on the entered address: city, zip, street...) !

Of course Geocode Factory is compatible with the Adsmanager Gmap plugin. Then all Ads that are already geocoded will be displayed on the map. 

Read more about Adsmanager.

Note 1 : if you dont have the Adsmanger Gmaps plugin, it's not a problem, all will work in the same way.

Geocode AdsManager Entries

There is  2 ways to geocode AdsManager ads :

  • Directely when user create the entries. This can only be do with the Adsmanager Gmap plugin from Joomprod. We dont have create our own plugin because The editor's plugin do the same job.
  • Geocode the existing entries by admin directely from backend, this need just one human click.

Frequently asked questions

Why my fields "ad_country - ad_statecountry - ad_city" are not displayed in the field assignement menu ?

This is because these fields are not regular field types. They are special types, usually third party field types. To see them you need to go in the components parameters, and you can enable the "See all fields types (at your own risks)" option. This will show all types, even if they are not supported.


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3