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Does Geocode Factory support Mosets Tree?


YES ! Mosets Tree is full supported. You can work in Geocode Factory exactly like other markersets and you can mix Mosets Tree's markerset with other (Community Builder, Jomsocial, Sobi2, ...) on the same map. You can use all Geocode Factory features :

  • Avatar as icon (custom size)
  • Full bubble customisation (fields, image, link, ...)
  • Radius search
  • Markers list (clickable)
  • Category dependant
  • Connection lines between owner and entry
  • ...


You can also batch Geocode your whole existing Mosets Tree entries, with a simple button click (based on the entered address: city, zip, street...) !

Of course Geocode Factory is compatible with the Mosets Tree geolocalisation functionnality. Then all entries that are already geocoded will be displayed on the map. 

You can also create advanced filters for the map's markers based on core and custom fields of Mosets Tree

Frequently asked questions

How to create advanced filters for Mosets Tree

The Mosets Tree database is not easy : there is core fields, and custom fields. Core fields are installed with the Mosets Tree component, and Custom field are created by the admin (you!). Both a stored in the same table, but the data (entered by used) are stored in 2 differents places (if core or not). 

In this case we cannot create an automatic tool to generate the  filters in Geocode Factory. To create filters in Geocode Factory :

  • Open the markerset
  • Open the data source tab
  • write your query statement

To create a query on the core fields (like city, country, price, ...), simply add this kind of statement in the filter area :





  • i is the infos that is core field
  • price is the core field name
  • > is the operator
  • 5 is the test value.

If you have created your own custom field, like a 'color' field, add this kind of statement in the filter area :


(v.cf_id=29 AND v.value='green')




where :


       is the infos is a custom field


  • cf_id=29 is the field ID (see note 1 how to retrieve the field id)
  • v.value='green' is the tested value

Of course you can mix the 2 queries :

((v.cf_id=29 AND v.value='green') and  (i.price>5))


Note 1 : To retrieve the custom field ID, go into the custom fields menu of Mosets Tree. The first column is the ID.




Note 2 : This is a little complex, but is due the database structure.


Note 3 : You can work with date fields. I have a custom field of type date. The custom field ID is 30, and I have created a filter like this : (v.cf_id=30 AND v.value<'1976-08-13')


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3