Knowledge Base - Geocode Factory with JEvents


"Does Geocode Factory support JEvents?"

YES ! JEvents (since 2.0) is full supported. You can work in Geocode Factory exactly like other markersets and you can mix JEvents's markerset with other (Community Builder, Jomsocial, Sobi2, ...) on the same map. You can use all Geocode Factory features :

Full bubble customisation (fields, image, link, ...)

  • Radius search
  • Markers list (clickable)
  • Filter by category
  • Connection lines between owner and entry
  • Show only future (or past) events
  • ...


You can also batch Geocode your whole existing JEvents entries, with a simple button click (based on the entered address: city, zip, street...) !

Of course Geocode Factory is compatible with the JEvents JLocation addon (JEvent commercial component and plugin) functionnality. Then all entries that are already geocoded will be displayed on the map. 

You can choice the date format in the markerset.




Frequently asked questions

Is JEvents JLocation addon supported ?

If you use JLocation addon, you cannot mix entries from JEvents "pure" and JEvents + JEvent JLocation. 

Coordinates are lost when save event

In JEvents, if you save a JEvent, the coordinates will be deleted each time (you need to re batch geocode them), this because JEvents will sell them JLocation addon ... 


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3