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Some CB fields do not appears in my bubble

In some case when, you customise the bubble with fields from Community Builder, them dont appears in bubble. See the template example :


And the according bubble on the map :


As you see the [occupation] and [city] dont appears, but the fields are already filled. The problem come from Community Builder parameters. Some times, with Joomla! since 1.7 user rights, some CB infos are not set into a access level. Open the tab manager of CB, as follow :


See the position 11 'Additional information', the Access Level column, is empty. Simply open it, and set the desired level. And... it work :



How to get profiles filtered by dates?

In Community builder the some profiles informations are sored with a date format (registration date, last activity, ...). You can use this information to filter the profiles into the marker sets. The used format is Some filtering samples:

  • (`registerDate` >= '2010-07-26') Will display all profiles register since Jully 26 2010.
  • ( (`registerDate` >= '2010-01-01') AND (`registerDate` <= '2010-12-31') ) Will display all profiles register between 2 dates, in this case all member registred during year 2010.
  • ( `registerDate` BETWEEN '2010-01-01' AND  '2010-12-31' ) same as above.
  • ((TO_DAYS(NOW()) - TO_DAYS(`registerDate`)) <= 5) for members registred last 5 days.

How to use the checkbox group as filter?

"I have at least 7 different user types, but i create a cb field named "usertype2" in a "multiple check box". So the users (sometimes) will chose 2 or 3 different user type. After that I create the map and markset list for every kind of user type, but what happend then? Well if the user chose just one option or user type everythings works fine, but when they choose 2 or 3 differents user types, the map doesn´t shows anything or just shows the profiles of users that choose just one "user type" Why this happend?

The idea is that every user can appear in two or three differents maps, but i think that is imposible."

That is possible, and... easy! Follow this explanation based on your real case, the problem was your filter is the following query: (`cb_usertype` = 'Notario').

But, in the db for this kind of field the text is stored like: Agente Hipotecario|*|Arquitecto|*|Notario.

Then the solution in this case you need to use the LIKE operator: (`cb_usertype` LIKE '%Notario%').

Another method, can be to use the LOCATE operato : ( LOCATE ('Notario', `cb_usertype`)>0)

Where a registered user can "opt out" of being included on the map

"I thought I read where a member/registered user can "opt out" of being included on the map; is this in fact a feature and can the default setting be unchecked or set to "opt out"...?
Is this feature available during Joomla/CB registration?

This should be a profile option in CB. You need to create a simple Yes/No (or listbox) custom field labeled 'Show on the map'. This is a 100% CB parameter.


In the CB list that is linked with the map, you need to set a query filtering the user where the value is to Yes. If you use the internal markerset generator, this is the same:



Why my bubble link [LINK] points to CB_GROUPJIVE in place of my profile ?

"When I click the "Go to profile" in the bubble on the MAIN map, the [LINK] takes me to Jomsocial Groups instead of to the profile. That happens only when I have a menu item linking to Jomsocial Groups. If I take SEO sef of in JOOMLA CONFIG the problem is not there even if the menu for JS groups is there. I don´t know where to start."


With JOOMLA SEO SEF off the link is like this and works:

With JOOMLA SEO SEF on and a JS_group menu active the [LINK] is like this:


There is an joomla itemid issue. You can force the itemid by editing the markerset, and in the first tab, under custom itemid, set the right itemid.

In this case : in main menu set up JS GROUPS (auto generated itemid 237). Now changed that menu to linking to JS PROFIL, and creat a new menu "JS GROUPS" that now got itemid 239. Then unpublish the PROFIL menuitem.


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