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GPS Tools is a third party product that allows your users to submit GPS tracks and discuss. It supports GPX, KML formats of GPS tracks and can be integrated with popular social networking tools like JomSocial, Community Builder etc. . You can get more information on the Gps Tools editor's site

Does Geocode Factory support GPS Tools?

gps tools sample map

YES ! GPS Tools is fully supported. You can work in Geocode Factory exactly like other markerset and you can mix GpsTools's markers with markers from other components (Community Builder, Jomsocial, SobiPro, ...) on the same map. Each GPS Tools entry is represented by a marker, with all usual features (custom icon, custom bubble, side lists, ...) and this marker is placed on the start point of the route/track.

Note 1 : GPS Tools is a third party extension.

Note 2 : the map radius search feature work with the GPS Tools marker, not with the whole track

GPS Tools Specific features


The Batch Geocode is not supported, that make no sense because the GpsTools entries contains already the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude).


Regarding the GPS Tools features, there are some differences to create the markersets. The most important are  described here :

  • Display GPS tracks (routes) : Each GPS Tools entry can contains an associated route. Geocode Factory display this route on the map. You have 3 options to display this route : when the associate marker is left-clicked, right-clicked, when the mouse fly over the marker, and additionaly you can select to not display the route.
  • Zoom on track : At the moment the route / track is displayed (as example when you click a GPS Tools marker), you can set an option that automaticaly zoom over the whole track.

It's possible to show all routes at once

No, for technical reasons, the Google Maps API limit the number of route displayable at once on a map. Each different track you load from GPS Tools come from a specific kml/gpx file, and if you load too many files maps crashes.

A workaround tip is available, but not very efficient : creating manualy one kml file that include all kml files that you have in GPS Tools, and include this file trough the map editor.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3