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"I am setting up a directory for bands, and I want people visiting my website to be able to do a search for bands within 5/10/25/50 miles of the zip code the visitor provides in the search options. The visitor would then be presented with a list of the Community Builder band profiles that are within that radius, and they can then click their profile name and read more about the band. Is that possible?"


Yes, of course. Create your profiles in Community Builder, create your map in Geocode Factory. At this point you have an empty map. It's time to create a  markerset, select all profile, and a basic icon.

Then the map is appearing with all markers with the google red pin icon. Clicking on a marker opens a bubble, with the info you want about your band, and a link on the band's profile.

Now it's possible to customise this. For example, we can change the markerset, to create a filter depending your CB fields. This can be one markerset by band style (jazz, rock, ...), and with a different icon for each (an electric guitar for rock, violon for classic, ...).

You can also customise the map, by adding a markerset selector, then your visitor, can select only Rock, and see only rock's band on the map (or Rock+Pop, or all, or...). And finaly you can customise the map by adding the Address search form, then the visitors, can enter a ZIP code, or city+address and a radius in miles (or km).

Now visitors, can enter a zip code, and see all bands in this radius. Or select a markerset and see all Rock bands in a radius of 50mi of London. Note that the user can click on the map and the radius is appearing (not forced to enter a ZIP).

All describe features are backend parameters.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3