Knowledge Base - It's possible to create a store locator map ?

"I need some guidance on which of your product(s) I need to use: I am building a Site for all my stores and I want to have a Google map which shows all stores (Currently 50 but will grow to 100) locations with their business detail. An added bonus will be if a visitor can search his nearest outlet."


You can do this with our product Geocode Factory, where you can create the main map, and all markers represent or your stores. Each marker bleits own b containing any information (city, zip, description, images, streetview, waysearch form, ...) from the profile of the store.

As for the radius search function is also a basic function of Geocode Factory. On top of that you can bring up a sidelist (clickable), containing all the shops near the map.

Now we must address the central part of the site: storing profiles shops. For this you need to choice one another product, such as:

  • Community Builder : free, can geocode the addresses of stores with a plugin (included in Gecode Factory), each store is a user of the site.
  • Sobi2 : free, you can create files, the administrator or the shop creates a form, there is a plugin to geocode (geolocation plugin)
  • Mosets Tree : non free, close to Sobi2, but Joomla 1.7 compatible
  • JomSocial : non free, like Community Builder o, but more community-oriented
  • Sobipro : free, you can create entries, the administrator or the shop creates reccord (if entries are created from frontend you will need a plugin from the Sigsiu club : geo field).

Applies To

Geocode Factory 3