Knowledge Base - Captcha images dont appears and cause Server error

"I use the register plugin version >= 2.3.0, and captcha image still dont appears. Followin your instructions, I have try a direct access to the captcha generation file (, but that display a Error 500, internal server error messge (joomla still work fine)."


This problem is caused by a server right problem accessing files in restricted folders.

If your create a simple test.php that will write hello (empy file containing just: <?php echo "hello"; ?>), and placing this file in the register plugin folder, the problem is same. Try access this file: But the same file in another folder work fine.

The problem is localised in the CHMOD of the folder. Please change the CHMOD from current to 755 of the /components/com_sobi2/plugins/register/ folder (only the register, not all parents), and now all should working fine.

Other solution can be :

  •  - rename the folder : /components/com_sobi2/plugins/register/
  •  - in : /components/com_sobi2/plugins/register1/
  •  - create a folder named : /components/com_sobi2/plugins/register/
  •  - copy the files from register1 to register
  •  - delete register1

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