Knowledge Base - Why my register fields dont appears in add entry form?

"I would like to use Register in the Sobi2 Add Entry form, but not all field are appearing. What can be the problem?"


They are 3 common issues:

1. You are already logged as admin because your site is not yet published then if you are logged is normal that the fields dont appears!

2. You dont have cleared the cache after the plugin activation (The sobi2 cache is automatically cleared when the form or a field is modified, but the plugin dont clear the cache).

3. If the "You are not logged in and therefore you cannot add an entry. Please
login or register" message appears in the entry form, in this case the problem is that you dont allow anonymous user to create an entry. This dont make sense because is excately what you want ("unregistered users to be able to add and register at same time"). To correct this, you need to change the Sobi2 configuration to allows visitors to create entries. Follow this:

  • Goto Sobi2 backend
  • Browse to 'Entry configuration' (
  • Select the 'safety' tab
  • Set the "Allow Anonymous Entries" option to Yes

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