Knowledge Base - How to remove the "You are not logged in..." message from the sobi entry form

"Currently when a user is not logged in nor registered two messages are displayed in the Add Entry Page, the first is:

You are not logged in

And the second is:

You can add an entry, but you won't be able to edit your entry in the future.

How do I get rid of these messages as the user will get confused?"


That is a pure Sobi2 message. Unfortunately, I cannot redeclare them trough the plugin, because php dont allow to redeclare a DEFINE and this define is included before any plugin interface.

The only way is to edit the sobi2 language file, (components/com_sobi2/language/xxx.php where xxx is english, dutch, german ...) and delete or change this text:

DEFINE('_SOBI2_NOT_LOGGED_CANNOT_EDIT', '<h4>You are not logged in</h4>' .
'<h4>You can add an entry, but you won\'t be able to edit your entry in the future.</h4>');

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