Knowledge Base - Tutorial Register Plugin for SOBI2

Using standard SOBI add entry form

If you use the SOBI standard add entry form, the corespondance fields choosing in General configuration plugin tab should appear in chosen position.

Using advanced SOBI custom add entry form

If you use a custom SOBI entry form, with each field manualy draw in the entry form template (/administrator/index2.php?option=com_sobi2&task=editFormTemplate), then you need to implement manualy the unsername and paswordd fields.
Simply add these value where you want in your template:
echo $fields['register_plugin_username']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_username']['field'];
echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_1']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_1']['field'];
echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_2']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_2']['field'];

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