Knowledge Base - Tutorial Register Plugin for SOBI2

Step 2: Basic configuration

Here you can set the general configuration of your plugin but first you need to set some fields, like email and real name (to create the user minimal account) in your SOBI Custom Fields Manager

Choosing the SOBI fields

In "General configuration" tab of your plugin set the (1) Email field, (2) Name field or (3) User fist name (optional), which will be used as registration form in Add entry SOBI form of your website. The created SOBI fields should be appear in dropbox of SOBI fields of each of them.

After that please proceed to set the other parameters of your plugin:

User registration during add entry
It must to set "yes" if you want your plugin to work.

Use email as username
Use the SOBI2 email as joomla username;

Use standard password
This use * (stars) in place of password, and second field for confirmation.

Warning, the javascript validator cannot check all cases, this is due to the SOBI2 plugin interface that not able to manage validation.Otherwise, the password is in one unique listbox and in real characters.

Plugin position
Here you can set the plugin position in SOBI2 add entry form. For that simply enter the order number for plugin.

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