Knowledge Base - Tutorial Register Plugin for SOBI2

Step 1: Plugin Installation

You just download the plugin. For that you received by email a download link that contains the order number like "1234567890". Keep this email, with them you can download the updates.

Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2. Once in the component Sobi2, go to the left side menu and choose Plugins > Plugin Manager.

Click the "Choose File" button and select the file Click install and the plugin should be installed.

In case of installation error:

  • Check writing privileges (CHMOD) in the folder 'com_sobi2/plugins' in 'components' and 'administrator / components'
  • Try to install an official plugin like Gallery from
  • Perform a system check in Sobi and correct any errors.

Once installation is complete, go to "Version & registration" tab of your plugin and enter the registration number (for example: 123456789) which we mentioned above. Click save. Your plugin is now registered.

in "Version & registration" line you will now see a message in green indicating that the registration is correct and that the version is updated.
Note: Your version may be newer than the server, because we do not publish necessarily minor update.

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