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Welcome to this tutorial for the Register Plugin for SOBI2 plugin. The screen captures are made with the current version of the plugin (Register Plugin for SOBI2 1.7) and with Sobi, it is possible that some screens are slightly different on your version.

Step 1: Plugin Installation

You just download the plugin. For that you received by email a download link that contains the order number like "1234567890". Keep this email, with them you can download the updates.

Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2. Once in the component Sobi2, go to the left side menu and choose Plugins > Plugin Manager.

Click the "Choose File" button and select the file Click install and the plugin should be installed.

In case of installation error:

  • Check writing privileges (CHMOD) in the folder 'com_sobi2/plugins' in 'components' and 'administrator / components'
  • Try to install an official plugin like Gallery from
  • Perform a system check in Sobi and correct any errors.

Once installation is complete, go to "Version & registration" tab of your plugin and enter the registration number (for example: 123456789) which we mentioned above. Click save. Your plugin is now registered.

in "Version & registration" line you will now see a message in green indicating that the registration is correct and that the version is updated.
Note: Your version may be newer than the server, because we do not publish necessarily minor update.

Step 2: Basic configuration

Here you can set the general configuration of your plugin but first you need to set some fields, like email and real name (to create the user minimal account) in your SOBI Custom Fields Manager

Choosing the SOBI fields

In "General configuration" tab of your plugin set the (1) Email field, (2) Name field or (3) User fist name (optional), which will be used as registration form in Add entry SOBI form of your website. The created SOBI fields should be appear in dropbox of SOBI fields of each of them.

After that please proceed to set the other parameters of your plugin:

User registration during add entry
It must to set "yes" if you want your plugin to work.

Use email as username
Use the SOBI2 email as joomla username;

Use standard password
This use * (stars) in place of password, and second field for confirmation.

Warning, the javascript validator cannot check all cases, this is due to the SOBI2 plugin interface that not able to manage validation.Otherwise, the password is in one unique listbox and in real characters.

Plugin position
Here you can set the plugin position in SOBI2 add entry form. For that simply enter the order number for plugin.

Advanced configurations

Register in CB
If you use Community Builder set this value to Yes

Register in JS
Set this value to Yes only if you use the JoomSocial Component.

Correspondences CB-Sobi2
Set here the correspondences between the fields of SOBI2 and CB, following the model FIELD_SOBI-FIELD_CB. All fields pairs must be separate by ; (semicolon).

Example: field_phone=cb_phone, will insert the phone number set by the user in the SOBI add entry form directly into the CB profile.

Correspondences JS-Sobi2
Set here the correspondances between the fields of SOBI2 and Js, following the model FIELD_SOBI-FIELD_JS. All fields pairs must be separate by ; (semicolon).

Example: field_phone-FIELD_PHONE will insert the phone number set by the user in the SOBI Add entry form, directely into the JS profile.

Using standard SOBI add entry form

If you use the SOBI standard add entry form, the corespondance fields choosing in General configuration plugin tab should appear in chosen position.

Using advanced SOBI custom add entry form

If you use a custom SOBI entry form, with each field manualy draw in the entry form template (/administrator/index2.php?option=com_sobi2&task=editFormTemplate), then you need to implement manualy the unsername and paswordd fields.
Simply add these value where you want in your template:
echo $fields['register_plugin_username']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_username']['field'];
echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_1']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_1']['field'];
echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_2']['label']; echo $fields['register_plugin_pass_2']['field'];

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