Knowledge Base - How to hide the plugin in alphaIndex or usersListing?

"The Sobi2 ordering plugin has with usersListing (or alphaIndex) incorrect positions."


Yes, this is due to the plugin is using the plugin interface provided by Sobi2 'onEntriesList'. This entry point for the Ordering plugin is needed for the standard listing, but in some views, Sobi2 use this entry point for internal use, and the plugins have no priority on this and with some templates, the plugin is misplaced.

Then the only way to correct this is to hide the plugin in this context. Follow these steps:

  • Goto the plugin backend
  • Locate the 'Tasks to ignore' option
  • Add in the parameter the followin tasks: usersListing, alphaIndex
  • You can locate another task by checking the sobi2Task=xxx url parameter


Another solution can be try to manage this with CSS.

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