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Sobi cache

The Sobi cache store the display of category view (list view) into the database to prevent Sql queries, the cache in saved on the server. The plugin allows each user to change the ordering. Then in this case it's not possible to use the Sobi second and third level cache. You need to unactive and clear them.


If you only use the ordering plugin for the search form, the results are drawn dynamically, then you can leave the cache on. In the same way, if you use the ordering plugin with a fixed value (setting from the backend), without user choice, for example always sorting by price, in this case you can leave the cache on. This because the Sobi cache is erased each time a new entry is added, and the cache will be recreate when the list is redrawn.

Type of fields

This plugin works with numerical, alphabetical or date values (see above for the calendar mode). If you use value in mix of text and number, that represent a risk of error in lists. This list of entries with this values should be sort like numbers:

You can try this in a spreadsheet program, the result is same:


Then a good idea for the listbox values, is to use them like:


In the same way, sorting by 0/1 values is not a good idea, the 0 values will always set a the end of the list (0 = no value).

The plugin is compatible with the AlphaUserPoint component, then you can sort the entries by the point of each user.



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